An Open Letter to the Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability.

The Fraser Island Dingo deserves to be protected, especially in a World Heritage National Park, now defined as a “natural resource”of the Island. (Derm v Parkhurst 2010).

It is believed the Government’s focus is upon the tourist dollar, and not the preservation of this “natural resource”. Therefore decisions are being made for the benefit of the tourism industry rather than for the benefit of the flora and fauna of Fraser Island.

Dingo packs cannot sustain current management practices indefinitely.

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Dr. Alan Wilton (1953-2011) Prominent Australian Geneticist, Assoc. Professor of the School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences at the University of NSW. Dr. Wilton devoted much of his academic life in studying the ancestry and significance of the dingo in Australia.


“ The dingo is possibly the oldest breed of dog in the world.”


“ The pure dingo in Australia could be extinct within 50 years.”


“ Born 2008 destroyed 2011.”

“..they are the only australian native classed as vermin, how sad that such a noble and loving companion is now regarded as a pest, it is not just cruel but a betrayal of the highest order” Unknown.

“Dingoes have been held in a time capsule since they were brought to Australia 5,000 years ago and since then have been running around the continent,” The Times.

The last pure Dingo populations remaining in coastal Australia are probably in the national parks between the Great Dividing Range and the east coast, and on Fraser Island.” Qld Museum.

The situation was disgusting and an International disgrace. 70% of the 100 to 120 dogs left on the Island were malnourished, the population could be wiped out within years.” Ray Revill. Former Island Ranger.